NOVA Training Center is certified to operate in Virginia by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)


NOVA Training Center is a private career-technical institution owned and operated by NOVA TRAINING Board of directors as a Virginia for-profit corporation. The school will begin offering therapeutic massage instructions in 2017. NOVA Training Center is conveniently located just off of 4231 Markham St #224, Annandale, VA, neighborhood of Fairfax County. A vibrant city known as a destination for higher education, Fairfax County naturally attracts a diverse student population. NOVA Training Center encourages the enrollment of students who seek to advance themselves, professionally and personally, and the field of therapeutic massage at large.

NOVA Training Center is certified to operate in Virginia by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV).

Mission Statement

The mission of NOVA Training Center is to obey the law, to develop caring, ethical, balanced massage therapists who understand and who can use their learned and acquired skills and knowledge to support health and wellness in the local community.

Purpose and Institutional Objectives

NOVA Training Center is dedicated to providing a quality program of therapeutic massage education in accordance with NCBTMB Standards.

NOVA TRAINING CENTER’s goals include the following educational objectives:

  1. To prepare students to become qualified massage therapists.

  2. To prepare students to obey the law and be an ethics massage therapists.

  3. To provide students with an education that enhances the development of good work habits and safe practices while promoting the health and wellbeing of themselves and their clients.

  4. To give an understanding of the practice of therapeutic massage and to develop appropriate skills.

  5. To offer the student a thorough working knowledge of the structure and function of the human body and the theory and practice of health care methodologies.

Description of School Facilities

Our 1200-square-foot facility was specifically designed for comprehensive training in therapeutic massage. It has an optimally situated classroom to create the most conducive learning environment for the basic and advanced skills needed for a professional therapeutic massage education. Our facility includes massage training classrooms with professional massage tables as well as a lecture rooms. NOVA Training Center is located in the City of Centreville of Fairfax County. Attractive Northern Virginia comprises several counties and independent cities in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in a widespread region generally radiating southerly and westward from Washington, D.C. With 2.8 million residents (about a third of the state), it is the most populous region of Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington Metropolitan Area. NOVA Training Center is located at 14701 Lee Hwy #306 Centreville, VA 20121. The facility offers a full massage room with two private treatment rooms, administrative offices and classrooms. There is a computer lab with full internet access and a student lounge and kitchen area with refrigerator and warming appliances. The entire building is wheelchair accessible. There is plenty of parking and additional parking arrangements have been made with neighboring businesses.